Helene Kirkpatrick and Jennifer Hopson

Jennifer Hopson and Helene Kirkpatrick

Helene and Jennifer met in 1997 while both were working at a retail decorating chain. During this time, they became proficient at the custom decorating process. This included a complete working knowledge of design, sales, purchasing and coordination of the labor process with workrooms.

During this time, they began to realize that they could maximize their unique skills by establishing their own decorating business. They wanted to form unique relationships with their own clients while providing high quality custom products. Yours By Design was born in 2001.

Helene and Jennifer knew how to be successful in such an endeavor. In addition to understanding the custom decorating process, they knew that client relationships and customer service were key components.

With that in mind, they focused on the successful execution of the custom decorating process. The key to their success rests on their ability to:

  • Listen to their clients
  • Present workable solutions
  • Focus on the details
  • Maintain quality control
  • Successfully implement

Helene and Jennifer are very proud of the work they have done to date and have a very strong work ethic. They do believe, however, that the decorating process should be fun. Their enthusiasm for their work is evident which has helped ensure their success through the years.

They are looking forward to establishing new relationships with future clients, as well as, continuing their commitment to existing clients.