Our Process

Step 1:  One hour complementary consultation with client

  • Our initial meeting is intended as an introduction to Yours By Design
  • Intended as a time to discuss your project, goals and timeframes
  • Understand the scope of your project
  • Discuss preliminary design objectives
  • Basic pricing, budget outlines

Step 2:  Presentation of Design and Fabric Options

  • After our one hour consultation, we will put together fabric selections and designs for your review
  • Once final decisions are made, Yours By Design will give you a proposal for the work
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit is required (check or credit card)

Step 3:  Design and Implementation of Project

  • Yours By Design purchases the fabric and hardware
  • Professional workrooms construct the treatments
  • Yours By Design oversees the execution of the design project and coordinates the activity
  • The typical turn-around time for a project is 6-8 weeks

Step 4:  Installation of Project by Professional Installer

  • Professional Installer performs the installation at your home or business
  • Yours By Design oversees the installer and answers any questions
  • The project is now complete.  The remaining balance is due upon installation