• Why Yours By Design?

    • Why should I buy custom instead of ready-made from Penneys or Home Goods?

      There are a few major differences between ready made products and custom products.

      • Quality – ready made products are mass produced typically overseas and the end product is inferior
      • Limited Options – ready made products come in fixed lengths which may or may not work on your windows. Additionally, you are limited to a set number of fabric options.

      With a custom product, you are guaranteed a high quality product made to the specific dimensions of your window. Plus, we can choose fabrics that work with your existing decor.

    • Why should I hire Yours By Design instead of a storefront such as Sheffields or Calico Corners?

      From the moment you make that first phone call to Yours By Design…you have our full attention. We pride ourselves in developing relationships with our clients which encourages an interactive, fulfilling experience. It is very important that we build a comfortable rapport with you and help you find your own unique style.

      Yours By Design was co-founded in 2001 by Helene Kirkpatrick and Jennifer Hopson. We have a strong commitment to customer service with an attentive eye towards the finished product.

      The quality of every job, large and small, is critical to us.

  • Process and Options

    • I don’t know enough about custom window treatments - can you help explain the process prior to any commitment?

      Yes we are happy to provide a free, no obligation one hour consultation where we will review the custom process and understand your specific needs. We will also lay out some basic pricing estimates.

    • In addition to Window Treatments, what other products do you offer?

      We also offer:

      • Custom bedding, such as comforters
      • Custom pillows and cushions
      • Custom upholstery
      • A full line of pleated, woven and vertical shades
      • Window tinting (excellent for family rooms!)

      In addition, we have highly professional resources for wallpaper, interior painting, and decorative/faux painting.

      Read more on our Portfolio page.

    • How are your products constructed?

      We work with a handful of highly skilled workrooms. For the most part, they are local, which allows us to stay involved with the construction of the end product. Unlike many of our competitors, we have an established relationship and rapport with these people who actually craft the end product. Due to the custom nature of our products, we can ensure that the right linings, positioning of trims, etc. is handled in the proper manner.

    • How many fabrics can I choose from?

      As members of the Design Center in Philadelphia, we have access to all major fabric vendors, in addition to the major fabric lines that we carry.

    • Can I use my own fabric?

      We do not recommend that you purchase your own fabric. A key part of our process is to work exclusively with you to identify the perfect fabric for your home in keeping with your existing décor.

      If you purchase your own fabric, it may not translate well to the style we ultimately decide on

    • Will you alter existing treatments made by another vendor?

      We cannot take responsibility for any treatments that we did not fabricate. We do not recommend altering existing treatments. This is a delicate, error-prone process that may result in less-than-satisfactory results. In addition, fabrics and styles designed for a given room will not necessarily translate well to another room. If moving from one house to another, we recommend including custom window treatments in the sale price.

    • How long does a typical job take?

      The average turn-around time is 6-8 weeks.

    • Who installs the final product?

      We work with an experienced, fully bonded installer who professionally installs and steams all of our products. We are also on-site to assist with the installation and answer any questions that may arise.

  • Payments