The Benefits of Custom

The Benefits of Custom

Everyone’s home reflects their own personal style whether it be traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between. Since we spend a great deal of time in our homes, creating an environment that is beautiful and comforting is a goal that many of us share. There are many ways to create this atmosphere. One way to create a finished, polished look is the addition of window treatments. You can purchase ready-made products or work with a professional decorator for a custom product.

There are many ready-made window treatment products on the market today. However, there are a few major differences between ready-made products and custom products. We would like to address some of the differences here.

  • Quality: Ready-made products are typically mass produced overseas and the quality of the product may be inconsistent. For example, often you’ll purchase panels and install them only to find that the lengths are not the same. The construction of professionally made products offers a consistency that is not always found in ready-made products.
  • Options: Ready-made products come in fixed widths and lengths which may or may not work on your windows. Additionally, you are limited to a set number of fabric options and design styles. Working with a decorator gives you unlimited options for style and fabric selection.
  • Convenience: A major difference between store bought and custom is the convenience of having a decorator bring fabric samples and design ideas directly to you in your home.
  • Professional Workrooms: Custom products are made in the USA by professional workrooms that make each product according to your window specifications.
  • Professional Installation: Unlike ready-made products, a custom product will be installed by professional installers who will also steam and set the window treatments for a finished look.
  • Expertise: A decorator has expertise that will assist you in your product selection. They will look at your existing décor and make helpful and insightful suggestions.
  • Cost: Generally speaking, custom products do cost more than purchasing something off the shelf. Therefore, if you decide to go custom, look for a decorator that will be sensitive to your budget as you work through the custom process.


Helene and Jennifer